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Discovery aims to create experiences that embody our brand and core purpose. Through sponsorships, we want to inspire peak performance, get people active and showcase thought leadership.


While we would love to sponsor every great initiative we hear of, this simply isn’t possible. Instead, we measure sponsorship opportunities against strategic criteria, and support ones that can tangibly elevate our brand; gain national and global reach; are synonymous with Discovery’s scale; and that measurably encourage people to live well, drive well and bank well.

This page has been created to help you check whether your initiative aligns to our strategy and core purpose on a South African and global level. Before you apply, measure your initiative against the following:


Does your sports-related event:

  • Foster mass participation? The event must be proven to reach thousands of individuals across a broad demographic.

  • Encourage communities to lead healthier lives?

  • Generate significant regional or national media coverage?


As a sports team or individual:

  • Have you performed at the highest level of your sport, as evidenced through national and international awards (such as being an Olympic medallist or world-record holder) or have you competed in the most prestigious events in your specialty (such as the Tour de France)?

  • Are you well-known in your own right, with an established brand presence both nationally and internationally?

  • Do you embody the Discovery values of health and wellness?

  • Are you an inspiration to individuals from across a demographic spectrum and so able to encourage them to live healthier lives?

  • Are you a role model for our youth?


If you can motivate that your initiative meets the above criteria, you are welcome to apply for a sponsorship here.


Is your initiative unrelated to sports or fitness? Try one of the following:


  • Thought Leadership – we host our own Discovery events

As part of our sponsorship strategy, we organise our own thought leadership events at a group level, focussing on health, leadership and financial services. From time-to-time we collaborate partners, but these events remain hosted by Discovery.


  • Corporate Social Investment (CSI) – we contribute through the Discovery Fund

We support CSI initiatives through the Discovery Foundation. The Discovery Fund, and strong systems of governance and accountability. Our focus lies in health and healthcare initiatives that directly align with national and global imperatives for 2030. Our sustainability strategy highlights four focus areas: Healthy Products and ServicesHealthy WorkforcesHealthy Communities and Healthy Organisation. Please email us on [email protected] for more.


  • Bursaries – we support through the Discovery Foundation

Through the Discovery Foundation, a CSI-initiative set up in 2006, we support the education and training of healthcare specialists who can help address South Africa’s critical shortage of healthcare resources. Unfortunately, we do not supply bursaries on an individual basis outside of the Discovery Foundation. You can read more about the Discovery Foundation on our website.


  • Careers at Discovery – apply for a job here

If you would like to join the Discovery team, you can apply for a vacancy or learn more about careers at Discovery here.


  • Vitality points – make a query here

For any queries on Vitality points, please visit our website.